Splice, Grown Ups and Salt


This movie just couldn’t decide what topic it was going to explore so it went for all of them: moral implications of genetic science, parenting, abortion, inter-species incest, Electra complex, corporatization of science, rape, and I am sure I forgot some others. Then on top of that it couldn’t decide what kind of movie it was going to be hip, artsy, horror, suspense or family drama. At times it tried too hard to impress you, but to its credit I was glued to my seat wondering where it was going to go next. The main alien character is fascinating, with believable vulnerability with just hint of evil.

Grown Ups

The wife and I got out for dinner and a movie. We had earmarked Grown Ups as a date movie choice when we first started seeing previews for it. It did not disappoint. It was over the top and cheesy at times, which is to be expected in any Adam Sandler that allows Rob Schnieder on screen. But for the most part it was enjoyable, light-hearted, and family friendly.


Every time I heard something about Salt it was being compared to the Bourne movies. While it did have a similar feel when it came to the fast, quick hit action, however Salt lacked all the tactical logic and realism that made Bourne feel so different from regular action flicks. When it came to strategy, the characters in Salt employed some ridiculous choices. So if you expect Bourne quality you are not getting it – simply because it lacks the writing backbone of a Robert Ludlum. Salt is more Bond-like with outlandish Russian bad guys and extreme plots to take over the world. Angelina Jolie certainly kicks some ass though and the choice of a women lead made this movie fresh, take away Jolie and it would be a stinker. The other quality actors Liev Schreiber, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Andre Braugher are completely wasted in this film. I think Braugher has one line.

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