Tiger’s Mea Culpa

Sure, he had to apologize to try to save millions that are still at stake for his reputation. But to me, that was the best celebrity apology I have ever seen, because he owned his failures 100%. He did not make excuses or place any blame elsewhere, he admitted his own foolishness and irresponsibility. He admitted that his fame and money made him feel entitled to not follow the rules and is now paying the price, both at home and in public.

What more could he do, but to:

  • Admit it was wrong.
  • Admit its his fault alone.
  • Admit he let down a lot of people.
  • Admit he needs help.
  • Admit that only his future actions, not words will make a difference

I find it funny people didn’t believe it because he sounded “robotic”. It’s fine to not believe him because his actions have proven him a liar, but his speaking performance should be irrelevant. The guy is clearly hurt and embarrassed. And since his problems are most certainly rooted in narcissism, he is also seething with anger and frustration too. Can you imagine having to go on television and admit to the world what a jack ass you are?

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