Professing my lifelong love for: Campfires

I was going to say camping, since I just returned from a wonderful three day camping trip with our really great friends. But despite all the fun we had, when it comes right down to it – my love of camping really all comes from the hallowed tradition of the campfire.

There is simply nothing more enjoyable then kicking back at a campfire with friends and family and letting the heat and smoke wash over you. Campfires are great for conversation, games, sing-a-longs, ghost stories, star-gazing, and of course messing with the fire itself. I remember that growing up camping, after my parents went to bed, I would stay up hours just sitting by the fire, poking at the red coals with a stick until it was finally burnt to a nub.

Ella really enjoyed sitting at the campfire last weekend, and singing along with the group. Of course she didn’t know most the songs so she would just repeat what she heard and was about 6 seconds behind the rest of the group – so adorable. She did say the alphabet song was her favorite, which we of course only sang because she knew all the words. She did do her cute stuttering over R-U-V, where she stumbles and repeats it a few times.

I am really happy that I built a campfire area in our backyard, so that we can enjoy a campfire any time we want. I see it being a big part of our girls’ childhood.

One Response to “Professing my lifelong love for: Campfires”

  1. Cute. I loved her campfire singing.