Rule #32: Zombieland’s Not Bad

I think half the budget for this film was spent on fake blood and guts.  That said, I have to admit I enjoyed it. In the mold of humorous zombie movies, like Shaun of the Dead, this was entertaining.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle for me was that the main character, even though he did a fine job, seemed like he was trying to be Michael Cera. It’s as if the role was written for Cera but he turned them down and this guy filled in – he even looked and dressed like him.

My favorite part, besides the hilarious celebrity cameo, was the storytelling through the main character and narrator’s personal “Rules to Surviving Zombieland”.

(Honorable mention goes to the Raconteurs song in the closing credits.)

2 Responses to “Rule #32: Zombieland’s Not Bad”

  1. Funny I said the exact same thing about the Michael Cera wannabe. And the celebrity cameo was awesome as were the Zombie rules. Alas, we finally see eye-to-eye on a movie!

  2. Do we typically disagree about movies?