Relish the journey

That’s you, drops of water. And you’re on top of the mountain. A success. But one day you start sliding down the mountain and you think, “Wait a minute. I’m a mountain top water drop. I don’t belong down in this valley, in this river, in this low dark ocean with all these drops of water.” Then one day it gets hot. And you slowly evaporate into air, way up, higher than any mountain top – all the way to the heavens. Then you understand that it was at your lowest that you were closest to God. Life’s a journey that goes round and round; and the end is closest to the beginning. So it’s change you need. Relish the journey.

One Response to “Relish the journey”

  1. I loved your deep perspective on the hydrologic cycle. In particular, the detailed aspects of evapotranspiration. Water is our greatest natural resource.