5K Update: I am getting a little nervous

Yesterday: Like any finely-tuned athlete I blame my shoes for my lack of progress. So instead of running yesterday, I went and bought some new running shoes. I went to a really cool store that recorded me running on a treadmill and we watched the replay in slow-motion to determine what shoes I should get. Pretty cool, eh? Of course when it came to picking out the actual shoes, I chose the cheapest pair. They were on sale, since they were an outdated model – but half the price of the other pairs I was trying on! So since I apparently have a neutral gait I probably could have just purchased a pair at the mall and spent the same, however then I wouldn’t have had the chance to buy a $10 pair of socks.

Today: I strapped on my new shoes and headed out the door. My goal was to do a full 6 laps no matter what. Of course, about 1 lap into it, I downgraded my nightly goal to 4 laps – 2 miles. Also, about 1 lap in my feet started to hurt from my new shoes – not a good sign. Anyways, I survived the full 2 miles. First Lap: 4 minutes; Second Lap: 4 min, 25 sec; Third Lap: 4 min, 30 sec; (so far so good) Fourth Lap: 6 min, 5 seconds – this lap included a rotation of run, walk, run, ouch I hurt, walk, jog, run, ugh I am going to die! In any case, my total 2-mile time was exactly 19 minutes. Not so hot. Especially since I was basically dead after the fourth lap and would have not enjoyed even walking another mile. Hmm, maybe I should look into if they offer a 1k option.

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