Why steal my stuff? Get your own stuff!

After my victorious 5K triumph on Sunday, I parked my car in its usual spot in our driveway and forgot to lock it as I limped into the house. The next day i am driving to lunch and can’t find the charger to plug in my cell phone. I start mumbling to myself “why would Erin take my car charger,” but then I look up and see my GPS is gone too. Damn – I’ve been burglarized! A couple days later, Erin realizes her Ipod was in there from the race! What bad timing to leave stuff in the car or leave it unlocked or have school be out on Monday – because you know its hoodlum kids out running around the neighborhood being punks. I lock my car doors all the time – heck, I am better at remembering that then I am at locking the house, or even closing the garage door for crying out loud!

I know it has to be kids, because you can see two cop cars parked in driveways from my house. So no thief over 16-years-old would pullover in front of my house to check out if my car is locked. Had to be punk kids on foot. Also, only kids would take a car charger that is worthless unless you happen to have the same phone as I do, in which case you probably already have a car charger for it. Arrrghhhh.

Yes, I know I am starting to sound like an old man, talking about the youth of today and shaking my fist in the air. I definitely think I have potential to be the grumpy old man sitting on his porch like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, except not racist. But I do have to say its a little unnerving that someone will just snatch my stuff the first time I don’t lock it up. I feel violated since it was at my home, if I were parked anywhere else it would not really bother me so much. But my home should be my castle and I should feel like my family and our stuff is secure. Damn kids making me paranoid now – I am going to check the locks…

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