Pork belly in my belly

I took a one-meal break from my “common sense” diet last night so I could try Braised Pork Belly. When I saw it on the menu I was amazed to realize I had never tried “the Filet Mignon of pork”, even though I have seen pork belly raved about on dozens of the cooking shows I watch. Yes, I am a sucker for competitive cooking reality shows like Top Chef, Chopped, Kitchen Nightmares and Iron Chef. Anyways, it was delicious! We must eat at Shorty’s Steakhouse more often. So I have no regret going for the pork belly entree, however I should not have thrown the diet completely out the window by adding loaded fries with cheddar, bacon and scallions as my side dish. Oops. I did stick with water to drink though (Pats self on back.)

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