Things I love this week

At Emily’s request, here are my “things I love this week”:

  • Taking an afternoon nap with Eva – in Ella’s bed, it was sweet and we both needed the rest.
  • Watching Ella display some amazing dance moves around the house, clearly her ballet class is really inspiring her to explore new movements.
  • Finally got to start watching Dexter, Season 3 tonight, so bloody good. Thanks Netflix.
  • Had wonderful Eggs Benedict with spinach and mushrooms at Granite City for Sunday brunch – oh it was nice to see Mike and Jane too. 😉
  • Saw Exit Through The Gift Shop and Dead Poet Society this week, and have not been able to get either of them out of my mind. (Yes, I love this – its mind tingling)
  • Erin and I went out on a double date with Nick and Jess. We ate some great sushi and went to see Black Swan.
  • Eva saying “Da Da” all the time, although she also calls the cat that, so maybe instead of “dad”, it means “fuzzy”.
  • Downloaded Risk on my PS3, and it includes a wacky version with robots, cats and zombies.
  • Had a good friend send me his novel, I will be the first to read it front to back.
  • Loving our new DSLR camera, Canon T1i and all its lenses and gadgets. I really missed having a great camera to play with – and its HD video capabilities is a nice bonus.

To my fellow bloggers – join in on the fun that is “things I love this week”.

One Response to “Things I love this week”

  1. OOh, can’t wait to see Exit Through the Gift Shop.