How’s the diet going?

I had a few people ask me recently, “How’s the diet going?” – always a fun question to answer. As you may remember I made a new year’s resolution to shed some lbs with my common-sense diet.

Well, I started drinking water like a madman and I gained a few pounds from that – I guess I was dehydrated. But then I quickly dropped those few pound and about 10 more – so I was feeling great. That’s when trouble always starts, as soon as I start feeling good about myself, I tend to break the diet and start “treating” myself to indulgent meals or snacks. So, I am sad to report I gained it all back already.

It seems I can drop 10 pounds really fast, but can gain it back even faster. So I am now re-focusing and see if I can push past that first 10-lb wall and lose some real weight this time. Hmm, or I could go grab that bag of delicious Chipotle Cheddar chips instead. Tough choice.

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