I’m a terrible blogger…

So, I think of things all the time to write about, but then never do. Or worse I spend time starting a post, but being a perfectionist I find my 5,000 words lacking and never finish. So for the sake of getting something out to the world, here is a round up of the many blog posts I have started in the last couple weeks and will hopefully finish someday soon:

  • Recap and photos of my solo weekend with the girls while Erin was in San Fran
  • My thoughts on the death of Osama bin Laden and the celebratory responses
  • The return of lawn mowing and other spring activities
  • Burnt pizza, why does it happen and why it’s awesome
  • Funny things Ella has been saying
  • The bright future of the Pacers (and the Lions)

So, I realize this list is completely worthless, but at least its published.

One Response to “I’m a terrible blogger…”

  1. Oddly, I’m most intrigued by the pizza post. Can’t wait.