Father’s Day

Father’s Day was great – Ella woke me up with Twizzlers and cards. We spent the day at Buckner Park with the Schermerhorn clan. Then we relaxed around the house and watched Inception at night – what a great movie! (Erin was not into it at all, but she let me watch it anyway.)

Here is my official Father’s day card from Ella:

Here is the other card, she gave me while proudly exclaiming “It says, ‘you are a fairy!'” – luckily I know that she considers it a high compliment to be like Tinkerbell. So the bigger question was why she went with winter pics when its like 90 degrees outsite.

One Response to “Father’s Day”

  1. Very nice Steve. How fun. And I love her outfit with scarf. What a great compliment…fairy.