Stupid Files: Gap Card sends us a 24 cent check

So, I have started saving up really stupid things companies do, and this is Exhibit A – a check that our Gap Card sent us for 24 cents! So, lets think about this, they paid someone in accounting to process a payment, the check was printed on fancy stock, stuffed in an envelope and postage added. So they spent at least a dollar when everything is considered, just to send us a a 24 cent check that we will never waste our time or gas to go cash. All they had to do was leave this tiny credit (or any size credit) on the card until Erin buys the next cute GAP outfit for herself or the girls. Crazy.

One Response to “Stupid Files: Gap Card sends us a 24 cent check”

  1. I know, right? This kind of waste irritates me, and companies wonder why they go bankrupt.