My 2011 Theater Report

Well it’s that time again, where I look back and see how many times I got to sit in the dark with strangers and take the full theater experience of cinema. Turns out the magic number for 2011 was 36, which is 3 more times than in 2010, which is surprising because I feel like I went to very few movies after summer ended. (1/3 of the films were kids movies that Ella and I went to)

Anyways, here they are, with a quick note on the film. (Blue ones were my favorites):

  • The King’s Speech:
    Proof that great actors can make any storyline interesting.
  • 127 Hours:
    Tough not to cringe at times, but well done movie, reminded me of Castaway in some ways
  • Yogi Bear:
    Remember the TV show “Ed”?
  • The Tourist:
    Depp & Jolie what could go wrong?
  • Gnomeo & Juliet:
    Ella says “I liked it because they would stay still, and then they’d move. I liked it that way.”
  • Unknown:
    I think someone said, how could we do “Taken” again. But I am fine with that, I can watch Liam Nesson be a tough guy anytime, when does “Grey” come out?
  • Rango:
    Really cool flick, just not a kids movie at all.
  • Adjustment Bureau:
    Another decent movie made from the brilliant ideas of Philip K. Dick.
  • Battle Los Angeles:
    Mediocore war/alien movie.
  • Mars Needs Moms:
    Ok, kid flick.
  • Limitless:
    Love the concept and I think it could have gone even farther.
  • Source Code:
    Perhaps my favorite movie of 2011. Definitely the worst movie title though.
  • Hanna:
    How do we do Taken, but replace Liam Nesson with a 12 year old girl?
  • Rio:
    Ella says “I like how the bird learned how to fly. And the birds singing and dancing.”
  • Thor:
    One of many comic book movies I saw last year. Might have enjoyed this one the most.
  • Bridesmaids:
    Laugh riot. (Highest grossing R-rated female comedy of all time, edging out Sex and the City)
  • Priest:
    Should have been way better – check out the cast, Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Brad Dourif, Stephen Moyer, Christopher Plummer, etc.
  • The Hangover 2:
    Same story different Continent. Not as funny.
  • Kung Fu Panda 2:
    Ella says “I didnt like it as much as Rio and Gnomeo”
  • Tree Of Life:
    What a trip…not sure where to even begin.
  • X-Men First Class:
    The corny dialogue killed it for me. I should give it another chance and pretend its meant to be funny.
  • The Green Lantern:
    Anything that shows life on other planets is cool with me.
  • Transformers 3 – the Dark of the Moon:
    IMAX 3D made this totally watchable, unlike the first two.
  • Horrible Bosses:
    Had its moments.
  • Captain America First Avenger:
    No wait, was this the best comic book movie of 2011? So hard to say.
  • The Smurfs:
    Ella says “I liked it because they were blue and tiny. And that’s really all I liked about it.”
  • Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes:
    Enjoyable, but expected more actual uprising.
  • Contagion:
    I am still washing my hands….
  • The Lion King 3D:
    Ella says “I liked wearsing the (3D) glasses and it looked like it qawas coming right up to you”
  • 50/50:
    Who knew cancer could be funny? I think this was the best all-around film I saw in theaters last year.
  • The Rum Diary:
    I have a soft spot for anything Hunter related.
  • Puss In Boots:
    Ella says she liked the cat that says “Ahwwww” in  the awkward moments.
  • In Time:
    Apparently if you put Justin Timberlake in a movie Erin suddenly likes sci-fi.
  • Happy Feet 2:
    Ella says “I liked it cause they could do that thing with their feet”
  • Hugo:
    Took Ella expecting a kids movie, turned out more for me than her.
  • The Muppets:
    Ella says “I liked Kermit the Frog, and that’s really all I want to say about that.”

Forgot one, so I guess it actually 37 in 2011 (I get cooler all the time). Here is the missing movie…

  • HOP:
    Ella saw it twice, but both times was with a big group of kids, so it was good twice. I’ll stick with once though, thanks.

2 Responses to “My 2011 Theater Report”

  1. Now I realize how many movies I didn’t see last year. I need to catch up! What kid movie did we see at Alexia’s birthday party? That wasn’t on your list was it?

  2. Oh, you’re right – Hop is not on the list.