Nerd Moment: Star Wars action figures find their way home again

My lovely mother just shepherded my long lost star wars action figures from my childhood home to my treasured collection of fine junk. Here Ella arranged them neatly for me to take a pic:

I spent hours with these little guys growing up and if you know me at all, you have an idea that I thought Star Wars was a pretty big deal. Now if I could just find the Falcon. Or for that matter my Speeder, Tie Fighter, X-Wing or Death Star with foam garbage for the trash compactor!

Come to think of it, where are all my GI Joe guys too – probably still exhausted from the legendary kung fu fights they endured!

Or how about my beloved Matchbox Jaguar (ala The Equalizer) and the bazillion police cars that chased The General Lee over every inch of my parent’s house.

I guess i’ll just have to re-live my childhood vicariously through my daughters – it’s fun watching the girls play with toys, and treasure little trinkets they get their hands on.

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