Ella’s best bedtime excuses

Here are a few of the most creative excuses Ella has used to explain why she can’t fall asleep and should be allowed to stay up instead of going back to bed:

“Bugs are biting me.”

“My butt hurts.”

“My hands need lotion.”

“My stomach’s not full yet – I need a snack.”

“The bumps are back.” (Trying to use an excuse based on the hives she had one night)

“I want to watch the Pacers” (She knows dad can’t resist this one, variations include “star wars”, “daddy show”, “house hunters”, “mommy show”, “my show”, and “cooking show”)

And my personal favorite:

“I can’t sleep, because my dreams aren’t coming true.”

One Response to “Ella’s best bedtime excuses”

  1. She said her bear couldn’t sleep tonight. And she heard a noise.