My calorie fantasy will end under ObamaCare

According to the new health care bill, restaurants will be required by law to show the number of calories each item on their menu contains. I guess by displaying how many calories each item is packing, we will be better educated about our eating, and will no longer need the internet to find out how fat we’re going to get if we eat something.

In other words, guys like me will not be able to claim ignorance as we pig out with delusionally guilt-free.

Example, just the other day I made my wife laugh aloud when I told her I thought a Big Mac only had 185 calories, sure enough a couple clicks on her Palm Pre and we discovered it was three times that many calories! So while she figured out the best calorie choice, I decided to quickly order some Angus burger on the drive-up sign I had never seen before so she couldn’t look it up fast enough for me to change my mind. And so instead of the 576-calorie Big Mac I was guilted out of eating, I instead ate a 760-calories Angus Deluxe. Hooray, I am an idiot! Because it wasn’t as good as the Big Mac I wanted all along, and clearly the extra 200 calories was all grease.

So anyways, while having the calories listed right on the menu won’t mean the gut busters will be taken off the menu, but it could sway restaurants to offer some lighter options.

I am guessing it is going to take a few years for the FDA to implement this new labeling system, so until then ignorance is bliss – enjoy as many 185-calorie Big Macs as you want. I hear the fries are fat-free too!

(SERIOUSLY though, if you haven’t had a Big Mac in awhile and can spare the calories, go for it, it’s better then you remember! Just look at that delicious photo. I might have to go get one now.)

One Response to “My calorie fantasy will end under ObamaCare”

  1. Ha ha. 185 calories.