Uh, am I missing something?

I finally saw Blind Side the other night. It was a decent movie, mostly because it was a very sweet true story. For me, knowing something really happened always take the experience to another level.

However, I wish I had seen it before the Oscars, because I am guessing I elevated my expectations for Sandra Bullock’s Best Actress performance. I just didn’t see anything that made me think it should have been nominated, much less win the Oscar. Am I wrong? Am I missing something? I knew from all the pre-oscar hype that she was a lock, including articles that handicapped the judging based on historical trends. Everything said she was going to win it, unless Meryl Streep happened to cash in, something she seems to have trouble doing, she gets nominated often but doesn’t win much.

Anyways, I liked Quinton Aaron, who played the lead convincingly after career highlights like playing roles as “Perp”, “Bouncer” and “Bodyguard” on TV shows like Law & Order. The kid, Jae Head, who played the little brother was cracking me up. I even liked Tim McGraw as the dad. And I do think Bullock gave a good performance, but to me an amazing acting performance is one where you can not imagine anyone else playing the role, but sadly I can see dozens of other actresses pulling off a performance on par with Sandy’s. I can see any of these actresses doing the role, and probably getting no attention for it at all: Nicole Kidman, Maria Bello, Diane Lane, Jodi Foster, Michelle Pfeiffer, Maura Tierney or maybe even one of the Desperate Housewives. (Notice I didn’t mention Streep? This role is way to pedestrian for her talent.)

That said, I really like Bullock and am glad she won one. Do you think that’s it, she is just so liked that it was her time? Because she has done better roles in 28 days, Premonition, The Net, A Time to Kill, heck Miss Congeniality showed more range. She has a real gift for comedy which is a grossly underrated talent.

Now to the REAL TRAGEDY of the whole Blind Side and Micheal Oher story. In a better world it would have ended with the Detroit Lions drafting him at 20, dammit. What is wrong with the Lions taking a tight end instead of a franchise left tackle with as great a story as Oher’s!

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  1. Finally. Someone agrees with me on this. It was a good movie, but could have been a Lifetime Movie more than an Oscar nominated one.