Date Night on date night

Erin and I had a impromptu date night on Saturday (thanks Grandma Becky!), and it seemed a no-brainer to do our usual dinner and a movie. It also seemed fitting if our date night movie was Date Night, the comedy starring two of our favorites Steve Carrell and Tina Fey.

It did not disappoint, those two are a riot and the film was enjoyable. It was funny that a premise of the film was the couple breaking out of their usual date night routine, meanwhile Erin and I were doing what we always did on date night – dinner and a movie. But we enjoy it. While I get to sneak out to late show movies, Erin does not and so its fun when she gets to come with me to a show. And also, while we do eat out as a family probably more then our diets should allow, it is much different having a quiet dinner as a couple and having a few drinks with our meal. Very enjoyable to just relax and be with each other. I look forward to when we can make date night a more regular event, and then maybe we will shake it up with some non dinner/movie date nights – like salsa dancing and hang-gliding. But until then, nothing sounds better then dinner and a movie with my honey!

One Response to “Date Night on date night”

  1. Um, I don’t ever want to go hang-gliding.