“Tag – your turn to be the parent!”

The other day my wife, Erin, came home from somewhere and I immediately handed her the baby, and gave her an update on what the 3-year-old was into. I was quickly headed off to my office to find some peace and quiet after a couple hours of a crying baby and an insanely persistent toddler. […]

Reading Backlog and My Fascination With Hermann Hesse

I always seem to find my next book to read right around when I am halfway through a good book. Sometimes it helps me read the current book faster and other times it derails me all together and I forget about my current book and move right on to the new one. I can not […]

Sweet Pickles

Have you heard of these delightful children’s books? If you have, then you are probably old enough to have watched Captain Kangaroo too. They would read one of these stories on the show and I have such fond memories of reading all the books as a kid that I just had to get a set […]