Ella’s Christmas tree

Ella has her own Christmas tree and we have a new camera. I am enjoying both!

Ella’s first school Christmas pageant

Fall Family Photos

Like mother, like daughter

Ella discovers online gaming

Ella has started using our laptops to type words and play online games. I have a feeling this scene is going to be familiar for the next dozen years.

Short hair like daddy

Ella got her cut yesterday and it is unbelievably cute. The photos don’t even come close to doing the cuteness justice. She told the stylist that she wanted “short hair like my daddy.” (I wish my hair was that long!)

At the mall…

My garden overfloweth

A couple years ago I built a raised garden in the corner of our yard, only to have Erin grow 3-foot weeds. So this year I set out to prove my green thumb, and I have been pleasantly surprised with how many veggies it has produced. An extra bonus is how much Ella really enjoys […]

Summer Daddy

Ella photo treatments

During a conference call today, I decided rather than listen to the call like a good worker bee, I would instead play with Photoshop and tweak some photos of Ella. Ta-dah! click to enlarge