Professing my lifelong love for: Movies

If you know me at all, you already know I am a cinephile. I simply love movies – I always have and likely always will. I go to around 40 movies a year in the theater, and I watch 2-4 additional movies at home each week. I have like all the movie channels and Netflix. […]

Professing my lifelong love for: Campfires

I was going to say camping, since I just returned from a wonderful three day camping trip with our really great friends. But despite all the fun we had, when it comes right down to it – my love of camping really all comes from the hallowed tradition of the campfire. There is simply nothing […]

Professing my lifelong love for: Computers

I bought a new computer this week. (hold for applause) For a guy like me, that equates to a 6-year-old waking for Christmas morning. I have been using computers all my life. I learned to write Basic programming language in elementary school. Basic is old school, and well … basic. But I remember amazing my […]

Professing my lifelong love for: Mountain Dew

I know the song is clearly about moonshine, but growing up we would belt this out around the campfire and to me it was about my favorite refreshing beverage of citrus and caffeine: Well, they call it that good ole Mountain Dew. Yahoo! And men that refuse it are few. (like 1 or 2!) I’ll […]