Hear them roar….

Back to running…again

You may remember way back in October I was tricked into running a 5k and hurt my knee in “training” for it. Well, that knee injury lingered for a long time and right about when it was better, I started playing basketball once a week so did not resume running. I started feeling healthier than […]

Lil’ soccer player

Ella had her first soccer practice the other day and it was lots of fun. Having played soccer, I couldn’t help but feel some pride watching her – she really looked like she knew what she was doing. She has a crazy high kick form going – pretty impressive. It was also fun that we […]

El Pacero serenades Roy Hibbert

Pacers know how to advertise right

See anyone in there you recognize?

Boom Baby! Playoffs!

The dark cloud that has been hanging over my Pacers the last 5 years is finally gone! The Pacers are back in the playoffs and with the 2nd youngest starting lineup in the league I see a bright future.

In your face…

I dedicate this post to Mike Felci and his fellow Knick fans everywhere.

Ella’s first Pacers game

It was a big day for us last week, I took Ella to her first Pacers game! We had been talking about doing this for awhile and after I returned from a few recent games she started asking when she would get to go. So on New Year’s Eve there was an afternoon game – […]

Running again…

Well, my knee has finally recovered from the overexertion of my condensed ‘training’ for the 5K race. The knee was actually better about a week (or two) ago, but I finally got off my butt and went out for a run. I ran 1 mile this morning and it felt pretty good, although my feet […]

5K Update: The Big Day!

Today was race day – and I won!   Well not really, Erin beat me – but I did finish first in my division (36-year-old bearded men wearing number 673). Seriously though, Erin and I finished together at around 34 minutes. She totally deserved to cross the finish line first since she did not walk […]