5K Update: The Dress Rehearsal

When I used to perform in the theater, dress rehearsals were a big deal. They were the first real live performances before opening night – we wore full costumes, make-up, and there was no stopping, no breaking character – it was showtime. However, you also knew that it was the last time you could mess […]

5K Update: I am getting a little nervous

Yesterday: Like any finely-tuned athlete I blame my shoes for my lack of progress. So instead of running yesterday, I went and bought some new running shoes. I went to a really cool store that recorded me running on a treadmill and we watched the replay in slow-motion to determine what shoes I should get. […]

5K Update: Less than a week until Race Day

Ok, so in less than a week Erin and I will line up to run this 5k, and my training has consisted of exactly TWO runs! Combined those two runs didn’t even equal the 3.1 miles I was trying to get up to speed for. Now, I have been ill the last couple days, but […]

5k Update: Days 4-6

The last few days I was traveling for work. While an ambitious person may have tried to find the hotel gym, I instead indulged in room service food and drank my body weight in gin.

5K Update: Day 2 and 3

Day 2: I did nothing that could remotely be considered exercise. Day 3: Well around 10pm I realized I should not go two days with out running. So I borrowed Erin’s ipod and dialed up her “workout songs” playlist, which is mostly Kanye, and was out the door. This time I made it two laps, […]

5k Update: Day 1

I went outside and ran around our block today. I kept a solid uninterrupted pace the entire way, which was good. But since our block is only 0.5 miles, I now need to work my up from 1 lap to a little over 6! Sweeeeeet. Almost as sweet as the 6-layer chocolate cake and raspberry […]

A 5k? Me? Seriously?

I am not sure how it happened, but Erin talked me into running a 5k with her. It is in like 2 weeks and I am not ready to run 3.1 miles – at least not all at once. Now, I am not totally out of shape, but I sit at a computer for a […]

Yes, it’s true Pacers fans

Today was like a fantasy for Pacers fans around the world (yes, they do actually have fans all over the world). Today, the Pacers made a dream trade and landed a young, talented point guard in Darren Collison. Collison averaged 12.4 points and 5.7 assists as a rookie last season with the Hornets, including 18.8 […]

Ugh, so depressing

10 years ago I had a press pass to the 2000 NBA Finals, and got to watch my favorite sports team the Indiana Pacers miss out on their only chance (so far) at an NBA championship. Who did they lose to? Some young punk Kobe Bryant (before his rape charges) and his then friend Shaq […]