Juno takes unique photo of Earth and Moon

(CREDIT: NASA/JPL-Caltech) Earth (on the left) and the moon (on the right) photographed by NASA’s Juno spacecraft on Aug. 26, 2011, when the spacecraft was about 6 million miles away. The photo was taken by the spacecraft on its journey to Jupiter – it will arrive in August 2016. Aboard the above-mentioned Juno spacecraft are three […]

Space Shuttle blues

I am a little saddened about the final flight of the Space Shuttle concluding today. I always wanted to see the spectacle of a shuttle launch, and even planned several trips over the years that were called off due to launch delays. I even kept an eye on launch dates and airline tickets for these […]

Scientists build an avian robot

German technology firm Festo has created SmartBird, the world’s first robotic bird that simulates avian flight in all its glory. Simply amazing. Learn more at Festo.com

Twitter and Facebook get folks fired and arrested

Huffington Post puts together a series of stories where social media has lead to arrests and firings: Arrested Over Twitter: 8 Tweets That Got People SNAGGED Twitterers and non-Twitterers alike often grumble that the many tweets are fluffy nonsense–posts about what we ate for breakfast, complaints about the weather, and other… Arrested Over Facebook: 19 […]

Testing 1…2…3

I am not typing these words. I am actually saying them out loud. I am trying out a new program called Dragon Naturally Speaking, it lets me dictate my speech into text. Pretty cool, I must say. Unfortunately I have nothing to say right now.

Stephen Hawkings: Abandon Earth or Face Extinction

Should we be nervous when such a visionary intellect as theoretical physicist Stephen Hawkings says we need to abandon Earth or face extinction? Hawkings says, “It will be difficult enough to avoid disaster on planet Earth in the next hundred years, let alone the next thousand, or million. The human race shouldn’t have all its […]

High-Speed Laser Chips Move Data at 50 Gbps

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What if I had bought Apple stock instead?

NPR was talking about this blog post where the writer shows how much he would have profited if he had bought Apple stock instead of their products over the years, it’s brilliant. However, the whole time I was listening to the story I was kicking myself knowing that I had been buying Microsoft stock all […]

The Social Media Shift