Renrou sousuo yinqing

Human-flesh search engines — renrou sousuo yinqing — have become a Chinese phenomenon: they are a form of online vigilante justice in which Internet users hunt down and punish people who have attracted their wrath. The goal is to get the targets of a search fired from their jobs, shamed in front of their neighbors, […]

Schrödinger’s cat won’t leave me alone

I am being stalked by Schrödinger’s cat. I swear I hadn’t heard of this famous 1935 thought experiment until sometime last year, but ever since then it seems to be everywhere. Popping up in numerous TV shows, movies, and a book I was reading recently. I’ve even seen Schrödinger’s cat t-shirts online. If you are […]

Uh, am I missing something?

I finally saw Blind Side the other night. It was a decent movie, mostly because it was a very sweet true story. For me, knowing something really happened always take the experience to another level. However, I wish I had seen it before the Oscars, because I am guessing I elevated my expectations for Sandra […]

My calorie fantasy will end under ObamaCare

According to the new health care bill, restaurants will be required by law to show the number of calories each item on their menu contains. I guess by displaying how many calories each item is packing, we will be better educated about our eating, and will no longer need the internet to find out how […]

A scary glimpse at the future

But if you know anyone hooked on games like War of Warcraft you know its possible.

3 years ago today my life changed forever

On March 19, 2007 my little Ella Ray was born. Things have never been the same. It’s so hard to believe she has been with us for 3 years already. Then again there are also times that I can’t believe she is only 3! She acts so old at times and talks more like a […]

iPad is a pants changer…

Ok, a little late but here is my take on the Oscars

I only caught the last half of the 82nd Academy Awards show from a hotel room, but it seemed a success, especially in a year that was pretty easy to predict the winners – at least for all the big acting awards. I had no doubt that Jeff Bridges, Sandra Bullock, Christopher Waltz and Mo’Nique […]

Too busy to blog…

Sorry for the lack of blogging, but I’ve simply been too busy. I was on the road for work all last week and could only muster posting the barber photo. And I returned Friday for a weekend full of family activities – namely a birthday party and a baptism. All very fun, but very exhausting…. […]

My New Barber

Check out his latest marketing offer (sign in window), now there’s a smart businessman.