An Evening With Craig Ferguson

The wife and I got a rare night out last night. We dined on fajitas and margaritas at Agave’s Mexican Grill, and then went to the Embassy Theater to watch Craig Ferguson perform. If you are not familiar with Craig Ferguson, you should be. Most people know him either from his 7 years as the […]

Staple City

Ella’s handmade birthday card

This is from a few months ago, but the cuteness is still relevant. This pretty pink card may appear to just say ‘Ella’ on it, but when she gave it to me, she was very clear that it actually says: “Happy birthday mommy and daddy. I made you a birthday note.” She even corrected me […]

A look at the known universe

Click the four corner arrows button to make the film full screen, press play and enjoy an astronomically accurate view of our universe.

A lifesize blue whale

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) is a charity organization that is dedicated exclusively to the conservation and welfare of whales, dolphins and cetaceans. And they’ve prepared an incredible original size photo of the 108 foot long blue whale.

Ella’s best bedtime excuses

Here are a few of the most creative excuses Ella has used to explain why she can’t fall asleep and should be allowed to stay up instead of going back to bed: “Bugs are biting me.” “My butt hurts.” “My hands need lotion.” “My stomach’s not full yet – I need a snack.” “The bumps […]

Funny sites I recently discovered

Don’t Even Reply A guy answers ads with outrages emails and posts the funny replies he gets. Hyperbole and a Half A hilarious off the wall blog with foul language and funny drawings. Film Drunk Actually I have known about this one for awhile, but seem to repeatedly forget about it and rediscover it. DadCentric […]

I met a dying man yesterday

It is a weird feeling to meet someone that knows they have only a few month left to live. It is even stranger to have that meeting take place at a Sam’s Club, but that is exactly what happened to me yesterday. I was loading up my cart with candy for my vending machines, and […]

Yes, I am a Serial Entrepreneur

I recently changed my “About Me” blurb to include calling myself a “serial entrepreneur”, because those that know me are aware that I always have a million ideas rattling around in my head and even manage to make a few into reality now and again. So, I thought I would take a moment and think […]

UPDATE: Big week – I saw Brothers, Bad Lt. and An Education!

Here are the movies I missed in the theater before 2009 was over, but am determined to see asap: The last two standing: A Single Man Julie & Julia Brothers Really good remake of a really good film. Has some unique elements to it, such as developing characters in conflict where you pull for all […]