Discovering the simple joys of life

Driving the girls out to their grandparents the other day, I decided to get Ella’s attention by rolling down her window. And for the first time, she felt the simple joy of holding her hand out the window and letting it blow in the wind. It was a sweet moment, and I instantly recalled all […]

Friday Night Sci-Fi Doubleheader

This past Friday night, I decided to ignore the pile of work on my desk and veg out to the two sci-fi DVDs that Netflix conveniently delivered to my mailbox earlier that day. Here are my thoughts: Battle for Terra I had already seen this in the theater and really liked it. It was the […]

The Social Media Shift

Just the Bare Necessities

Ella has been watching Jungle Book lately, and while she clearly hasn’t learned all the words yet, she still enjoys singing the hit song, Bare Necessities. Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page]

Lovely Bones, Iron Man and Greenburg

No, that’s not the worst named law firm ever. I have been on a movie binge lately and vowed that I would try to write at least a little about each film I see. So here are my thoughts on three extremely different movies I saw this week: Lovely Bones I am torn about this […]

The girls…

If you love something set it free…

Need to shake things up in your life?

I bet you thought there was just one way to lace up your shoes, didn’t you? Well, Ian’s Shoelace Site says that mathematically there are in fact over 2 trillion ways to feed your laces through the normal 12 eyelets on a shoe. I am guessing most are pretty ridiculous, but since you are never […]

Fourth Kind – WTF?

I watched Fourth Kind last night and found it disturbing. I have mentioned before my penchant for “true” stories and this one claims to be based on true studies by a psychologist in Alaska that basically prove alien abductions. Yeah, I know what your thinking. But the film has Milla Jovovich (who I love!) state […]

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