Remembering Neda – The Voice of Iran

A year ago today, an innocent woman was shot and killed. Within hours the whole world saw the video of her bleeding out on the streets of Iran. Her name was Neda Agha-Soltan and she became a symbol of the human cost to the protests against the oppressive and violent Iranian regime that clearly rigged […]

God’s Own Country

So I was surprised today to find out one of my overseas programmers that has been working for me for 3 months was a woman. I had no idea. Of course, when i admitted this to the programmers they laughed at me, because apparently Sumi is a common girl’s name over there. Who knew? Not […]

Ugh, so depressing

10 years ago I had a press pass to the 2000 NBA Finals, and got to watch my favorite sports team the Indiana Pacers miss out on their only chance (so far) at an NBA championship. Who did they lose to? Some young punk Kobe Bryant (before his rape charges) and his then friend Shaq […]

My lil’ business partner

Ella has become my partner in the Deuce Vending business we started up last year. She loves to stack the quarters and put them in the coin wrappers. (Even though banks nowadays just bust them out of the wrappers when you take them in – I think Ella would not be happy if she saw […]

Five Guys rocks!

Leaving Best Buy the other day I noticed a new burger joint called “Five Guys” was opening up – how exciting. My friend Jason beat me to the punch and ate there at least twice before I got around to telling Erin about it and of course we were instantly out the door and headed […]

Bounce Mania

We took the girls to Bounce Mania the other day and it was a lot of fun. Bounce Mania is a huge room filled with inflatable bounce houses, obstacle courses and slides. Of course in our typical modus operandi we realized half way there that Ella was wearing sandals without socks, which are required to […]

Torus is better then Tetris!

While doing some research on a new evolution of programming called HTML5, I stumbled across a really addictive game. It is a 3D twist on the classic Tetris: Remember when you find yourself playing for an hour and not working – I warned you!

Super Wipes

How do you know when your three-year-old might be watching too much television? When she comes up with her own commercial! Today Erin and Ella visited me in my office so they could act out the commercial Ella came up with. Here is the script: ERIN: “Oh, no. I spilled spaghetti sauce on the carpet. […]

Shrek, Sherlock Holmes and Tetro

Its funny whenever I do these three movie reviews at a time they are always such radically different movies. Shrek Forever After Even though they said Shrek 3 was the final one, they came out with one more. I guess its hard ot turn off the gravy train. What can I say about this movie? […]

What a great family weekend

This weekend was very relaxing and family-focused, we spent a lot of time out of the house doing stuff. The first trip was strawberry picking at a farm in Leo. Ella loved it, she was very deliberate about which strawberries she would pick and which ones she would not put in her bucket. Just as […]