Trailer for ‘Toy Story 3: Inception’

Eggplant Parmesan = Deliciousness

Erin put some of our new found vegetables to good use last night by cooking up some Eggplant Parmesan. I am sure I had it before, but did not remember it being so delicious. And now I am eating the leftovers for lunch and it is unbelievably good. Yum. Lets hope whatever we come up […]

Splice, Grown Ups and Salt

Splice This movie just couldn’t decide what topic it was going to explore so it went for all of them: moral implications of genetic science, parenting, abortion, inter-species incest, Electra complex, corporatization of science, rape, and I am sure I forgot some others. Then on top of that it couldn’t decide what kind of movie […]

Futurama is back…

Futurama, which is The Simpson’s creator Matt Groening’s other animated show has returned to television after being canceled in 2003. Since then loyal fans basically enjoyed a fifth season of the show through four direct-to-DVD feature-length films the last few years. I am very glad to see the show back on the air, it is […]

High-Speed Laser Chips Move Data at 50 Gbps

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Vatican: Female priesthood as sinful as child sex abuse

The Vatican today made the attempted ordination of women one of the gravest crimes under church law, putting it in the same category as clerical sex abuse of minors. Seriously? How is allowing women to answer the divine call to become priests as sinful as molesting a child? I have no idea what Biblical reasoning […]

My garden overfloweth

A couple years ago I built a raised garden in the corner of our yard, only to have Erin grow 3-foot weeds. So this year I set out to prove my green thumb, and I have been pleasantly surprised with how many veggies it has produced. An extra bonus is how much Ella really enjoys […]

Summer Daddy

Ella photo treatments

During a conference call today, I decided rather than listen to the call like a good worker bee, I would instead play with Photoshop and tweak some photos of Ella. Ta-dah! click to enlarge


Wow. I can not remember another movie that took the audience on such a mental roller coaster that at the end of the film there were simultaneous gasps and laughter followed by applause. Now that is impressive. I also don’t recall a movie that so thoroughly confused the less intelligent in the crowd that you […]