Going organic update

Well, I have backed off the ledge some since my post about the dangers of milk. Not that I am less concerned about it, but I did find out a few things: It turns out the milk we had been drinking was labeled rBST-Free already (Kroger, Meijer and Wal-Mart have all been selling milk that […]

A Single Man

One of my very last movies of 2009 I had left to see. (I think only Julie and Julia remains). A Single Man starring Colin Firth is a truly wonderful film. Firth deserves all the accolades he received for the role, including Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Firth shows an amazingly compelling ability of facial […]

Jonah Hex, Edge of Darkness and Shutter Island

Jonah Hex I didn’t plan to see this movie, but there wasn’t a lot of options and I wanted to go see a film. I don’t know the source material, but found the namesake character intriguing. Overall the movie ended up feeling too much like the 1999 Wild Wild West just replace Will Smith and […]

Love You Madly

CAKE is officially my favorite band until further notice! The Vogue show yesterday was great – Kevo and I found a great spot right off the left side of the stage, about 8 feet from the band and we rocked out to the decidedly unique rockpopfunkabilly sounds of the tree-loving, anti-establishment, lets all sing-a-long band […]

Ahhhh, it’s good to unlplug for a few days

When I told some friends I was going camping and would not have internet access they did not understand what I was talking about. They quickly offered several technical solutions to my “problem”, but of course I knew I COULD get internet if I really wanted to, but I was CHOOSING to unplug. Again, they […]

Brent covering Prince on ukulele