Serious about sammiches

I take sandwiches seriously, so much so I recognize the difference between a sandwich and a sammich! So last night when I decided to make a quick sandwich for dinner, Erin warned me that I would have to have a sandwich again the next day for lunch, I chuckled to myself and said “I guess […]

Our Christmas in photos

Please see Erin’s blog, she posted a bunch of great photos already:

Ella’s Christmas tree

Ella has her own Christmas tree and we have a new camera. I am enjoying both!

Ella’s first school Christmas pageant

Get Well Grandma Shirley

Here is Ella’s Get Well Card for Grandma Shirley:

Another typical day of air travel

So, I flew down to Naples, FL on a work trip last week, and the flight down was about as typical a day of air travel as I usually have on these trips. It goes just like this: Wake up at 6am, throw the last few things in my suitcase in the dark. Drive 30 […]

Bad Wookie!

Kids’ Rock by Tim Hawkins

Office Pod

I love my home office. But how cool would it be to have an office pod outdoors? Check out the whole gallery: