Scientists build an avian robot

German technology firm Festo has created SmartBird, the world’s first robotic bird that simulates avian flight in all its glory. Simply amazing. Learn more at

The Dude Abides

What a cutie…

Professing my lifelong love for: Movies

If you know me at all, you already know I am a cinephile. I simply love movies – I always have and likely always will. I go to around 40 movies a year in the theater, and I watch 2-4 additional movies at home each week. I have like all the movie channels and Netflix. […]

In your face…

I dedicate this post to Mike Felci and his fellow Knick fans everywhere.

Gee, Sesame Street has really changed…

Blood for Treasure by Christopher Swan

On rare occasion, the former journalist comes out in me. Today, I had the pleasure to interview author Christopher Swan about his new book and what motivates an action-adventure novelist. Tell me about Blood for Treasure? The elevator pitch is…it’s a modern adventure about a clandestine expedition tasked with capturing the world’s first and only […]

How’s the diet going?

I had a few people ask me recently, “How’s the diet going?” – always a fun question to answer. As you may remember I made a new year’s resolution to shed some lbs with my common-sense diet. Well, I started drinking water like a madman and I gained a few pounds from that – I […]