Think about this for a second…

Modern Hobo by Eva

Ok, I made up the title, but I totally see a Picasso-esque man in this drawing carrying a hobo stick over his shoulder. What do you see?

Family Portrait by Ella

I asked Ella to draw my our family – left to right is Eva, Ella, Mom and Dad. Of course, she had to be persuaded into including little Eva. I found it interesting that she drew the hair first – who does that? I think my beard is awesome.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day was great – Ella woke me up with Twizzlers and cards. We spent the day at Buckner Park with the Schermerhorn clan. Then we relaxed around the house and watched Inception at night – what a great movie! (Erin was not into it at all, but she let me watch it anyway.) Here […]

It’s The Dad Life

Bregenzer Festspiele

Check out this incredible floating stage on Lake Constance in Bregenz, Austria. The Bregenzer Festspiele (Bregenz Festival) has become renowned for its unconventional staging of shows. Verdi’s opera, “A Masked Ball” in 1999, featured a giant book being read by a skeleton. See more images of this and other grand stages they have used at […]

Saudi women encouraged to drive today

Saudi women are being encouraged to challenge the status quo and get behind the wheel today. Though there are no traffic laws that make it illegal for women to drive in Saudi Arabia, religious edicts are often interpreted as a ban against female drivers. One female motorist spent more than a week in custody in […]

Lil’ soccer player

Ella had her first soccer practice the other day and it was lots of fun. Having played soccer, I couldn’t help but feel some pride watching her – she really looked like she knew what she was doing. She has a crazy high kick form going – pretty impressive. It was also fun that we […]

Some people are just cooler than others

El Pacero serenades Roy Hibbert