My 2011 Theater Report

Well it’s that time again, where I look back and see how many times I got to sit in the dark with strangers and take the full theater experience of cinema. Turns out the magic number for 2011 was 36, which is 3 more times than in 2010, which is surprising because I feel like […]

Ella’s 9-1-1 dream

Ella had learned about fire safety in school, and a couple days afterward she told me “I had a 9-1-1 dream last night”. When asked about it, she described it like this: “Well, its kind of a funny story, but only becauseĀ of the ending. I was in a burger-house* and already had a burger in […]

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Geez, I just realized I had not posted since October! I swear I have had some blog-worthy thoughts and moments since then, just lazy I guess.