A Couple of Fatherly Feeling Days

I feel very fatherly lately. I guess the fact that I now say that I have “kids” plural is a big reason. But the last few days I have also had very fathercentric experiences.

Last night at dinner we noticed one side of Ella’s face turn red and there were welt looking bumps. We of course got concerned and thought it was an allergic reaction, but we were eating very basic foods – chicken, green beans and potatoes from KFC (don’t judge). And then we realized that Ella had only eaten a biscuit at this point, so the mystery was on.

The redness and bumps disappeared as fast at they had appeared so we were relieved a bit. But later after dinner we started investigating it more and found new spots all over her chest, back and arms and got really concerned again. Not only were we concerned for her health, but we also looked at each other and wondered about keeping her home the next day. It couldn’t be a worse day for either of us to take off work. For me, it was the last day to finish up a very big website redesign and Erin had only started back at work that same day, so asking off her second day back would be awkward at best.

Anyways, we decided we better get her checked out so it was time for a trip to RediMed. When I called for Ella to come get dressed, she said “Okay Okay, I’m going to bed!” as she mistakenly thought I was reprimanding her for lolly-gagging. When I told, her no, I wanted to get her dressed to take her to the doctors she cheerfully said “Oh, I didn’t know we were going to the doctors today.” She couldn’t be more excited to hear she wasn’t off to bed.

By time I finally got her loaded in the car it was well past her bedtime and I could tell she was sleepy. We talked some on the way but she was asleep before we were half way there. When I parked I quickly got her out of the car and carried her in still asleep so I could register before the other two cars that just pulled in. (Why are there so many people arriving at 9:20PM at night?)

I was glad she was so sleepy because it made the folks I outraced to the door think she was really sick, and I didn’t bother to correct them.

Ella did great as the doctors checked her out and of course most of her spots had disappeared by time she was examined. They were sure it was just a reaction to something she eat, drank or breathed. (still no idea what)

Ella left on a high note as they gave her three stickers of characters from shows her and I both recognized, like Wubzy. Funny how much excitement a silly sticker can bring a little girl. Of course, she got two extra stickers because the nurses thought she “was so cute” – I remember thinking to to myself, ‘oh no its starting already – getting special treatment for being a pretty girl.’

When I drove away, I asked Ella how she liked the doctor visit, she replied “I liked how it didn’t hurt at all.” We chatted some about the doctor visit and then she was asleep again. When we got home I carried her while asleep for the second time that night. I carried her out of the car, into the house and up to bed. I remember my dad carrying me in from the car as I sleet – I always woke up, but loved being carried by my dad so I’d act as if I was still asleep. I took off her pink winter jacket and boots a she lay asleep in her bed.

Later that night, Erin was in bed and I was downstairs getting newborn Eva asleep in her swing when Ella rambled downstairs saying “I can’t sleep…”, which she says about every night followed by a new made up excuse “…my spots are bothering me.” I laughed knowing they weren’t really and she cuddled up with me on the couch where we slept the rest of the night.

Today, we get the call that the preschool we liked the best has Monday/Wednesday openings! Something they did not think they would have when we first toured the place. They told Erin there were only 2 spots open for the class we wanted to get Ella into and that it was first come, first served tonight.

The openhouse started at 6pm, so Erin had to leave work early to get the kids while I went to the preschool and got in line for our spot. I showed up 50 minutes early thinking maybe I could fill out some paperwork and be ahead of the game, but the doors were locked and I wasn’t even the first one one in line. I was 5th in line!

So myself and the other anxious parents chatted in the freezing cold. Erin is in a mom’s group, but I never get to chat much with other parents, so it was fun. I quickly surveyed those in front of me to see if they were vying for the same spots I was and luckily they were not. (One woman did end up cutting in front of me and I thought I might have to make a scene if she got the last spot in MW 3s!)

Anyways, it turned out to be kind of fun chatting about parent things like the preschool, the zoo, etc. And when I walked out of the school I was silently singing to myself, “We got our preschool. We got our preschool” (the the tune of ‘we’re going to Sizzler. We’re going to Sizzler’)

Well, I hear a baby crying. So I better get downstairs and father it up, instead of hiding in my office blogging.

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