Sidewalk Artist

Photo Album – Chicago 2012

Great Father’s Day Weekend

I had a great weekend, we got a lot done around the house (removed bushes, moved hutch in, changed out beds in Eva’s room), we ate at the new Thai place Spice & Herb which was really good – I tried Ghost Peppers for first time, we swam in the pool, i drank my fair […]

Here comes Summer…

Spring is here

Not so snowy winter

This winter has not brought us a lot of snow, so I am glad we got out and made a snowman and threw snowballs when we got the chance. The very next day, our snowman did not look so good:

Ella’s 9-1-1 dream

Ella had learned about fire safety in school, and a couple days afterward she told me “I had a 9-1-1 dream last night”. When asked about it, she described it like this: “Well, its kind of a funny story, but only because¬†of the ending. I was in a burger-house* and already had a burger in […]

Brown County photos

Ella’s self-portrait

My lil gaming buddy

Ella likes to spend time in my office and so I decided to buy a PS3 game we could play together. I wanted to find a game we would both enjoy, but be easy enough for her to play. What better than Lego Star Wars? It has been great – we both love Star Wars […]