Ella’s first Pacers game

It was a big day for us last week, I took Ella to her first Pacers game! We had been talking about doing this for awhile and after I returned from a few recent games she started asking when she would get to go. So on New Year’s Eve there was an afternoon game – perfect.

Of course she wore her Pacers cheerleading outfit! She got tons of attention from people, and would tell everyone “I am going to my first Pacers game” – how adorable!

Ella played her new MobiGo video game most of the way down, and acted really surprised when I would tell her how much farther we still had to go.

I think she thought Indy was much closer. Not sure if this is good parenting, but to explain two hours to her, I would break it into Dora episodes – so we started with 4 Dora episodes, then 3, 2, 1 etc. She loved our gas station stop, since I let her pick out any item she wanted – she went with Gummy Lifesavers.

The very first thing we did when we got to Conseco Fieldhouse was buy her some pom-poms, she was very worried they wouldn’t have any and she HAD to have them to cheer!

She had a lot of fun at the game, and was yelling and cheering like her old man. It took some encouragement to get her to realize she could actually yell out loud there. Its funny how shy she gets, but after awhile she was yelling “Go Pacers!” and waving her pom-poms in a frantic dance.

Here we are with our good buddy El Pacero. Ella was very interested in why we were not supposed to call him by his real name during the game as to not reveal his secret identity. She even busted me doing it once.

The game was great, but I think the highlight for her was the food, she ate everything – we had ice cream before we even sat in our seats, then dipping dots, then popcorn and a jumbo pretzel! We hunted everywhere for lemonade, but had to settle for Apple Juice.

At halftime she started asking about her blankie that we had left in the car. Then started saying she missed mommy and Eva.

But she made it until the 4th quarter before we headed out to beat the crowd. She loved running around the concourse hallways and up and down the escalators and elevators.

She also met one of the Pacemates – but I didn’t think quick enough to get a photo, so instead on the way out we took a few vanity shots. (All her idea and posing)

We were only in the car about 2 minutes before she was out, and slept the entire drive home. What a long and fun day! Oh, and the Pacers won too!

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  1. So cute! I love that.

  2. my heart is melting~she is soooooooooo adorable!!!!!

    i love her.

  3. My favorite of all your posts. Precious.