Professing my lifelong love for: Mountain Dew

I know the song is clearly about moonshine, but growing up we would belt this out around the campfire and to me it was about my favorite refreshing beverage of citrus and caffeine:

Well, they call it that good ole Mountain Dew. Yahoo! And men that refuse it are few. (like 1 or 2!) I’ll hush up my mug, if you fill up my jug with that good ole Mountain Dew.
Listen to Grandpa Jones sing this hilarious song ยป

I have so many childhood memories that include the delicious soda called Mountain Dew. (I say “soda” now from living out in California for a few years, but it was always “pop” growing up.)

My best friend Shane and I would ride our BMX bikes up to Fourth Ward Market, the little store in my neighborhood, to load up on penny, nickle and quarter candy depending on what our budget of pooled pocket change was that day. But always first on our list was a nice 16 Oz. green glass bottle of Mountain Dew.

We would pop off the metal caps with the wall-mounted opener on our way out the door and take a swig as we mounted our bikes, ready to take on the world! We would ride one handed and carry the giant bottles in the other as a badge of honor.

Years later, our bikes were replaced by cars, but we would still pull up to the market or a Wesco gas station (Often driving separately since we each wanted to drive our own cars.). And the glass bottles, were now giant fountain drinks that we would slug down on as we cruised or hung out at the beach.

There was also the invaluable 2-liters of Mountain Dew, an absolutely essential supply for a night of movies or D&D with the guys.

Then there was the long late night shifts at Subway, where the all-you-can-drink Mountain Dew is what kept me going as a top-notch Sub Jammer.

These days, as I count calories and get most my caffeine from coffee, I only occasionally get my hands on some good ole Mountain Dew. But when I do it brings back so many memories … how I love thee Mountain Dew.

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