Ella’s Rock Star

Ella’s latest mix is titled “Rock Star”,  here is her song selections, as eclectic mix as ever: Blackbird, I am Sam Soundtrack (Her all-time favorite songs that makes it on most her CDs) Smells Like Funk, Black Eyed Peas Pump It, Black Eyed Peas Don’t Worry Be Happy, Bobby McFerrin Lollipop, Buddy Holly Moonshadow, Cat Stevens Clocks, Coldplay Sweet Jane, […]

Ella strutting on the beach

She’s not as angelic as she looks

Modern Hobo by Eva

Ok, I made up the title, but I totally see a Picasso-esque man in this drawing carrying a hobo stick over his shoulder. What do you see?

Family Portrait by Ella

I asked Ella to draw my our family – left to right is Eva, Ella, Mom and Dad. Of course, she had to be persuaded into including little Eva. I found it interesting that she drew the hair first – who does that? I think my beard is awesome.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day was great – Ella woke me up with Twizzlers and cards. We spent the day at Buckner Park with the Schermerhorn clan. Then we relaxed around the house and watched Inception at night – what a great movie! (Erin was not into it at all, but she let me watch it anyway.) Here […]

It’s The Dad Life

A few things ella has said recently

“I am going to call you The Solutioner. Is that ok?” “I want the Pacers to win; don’t you, daddy?” “This place is boring.” (Talking about being at home) “Did you know the dinosaurs went unskunked? That means they lived a long time ago, but not now.” “I just want to thank her for the […]

Dad’s Weekend with the girls

So Erin went to San Fran for 5 days and I got to have the girls to myself. Unfortunately I had to work some of the time, so grandma picked up my slack. But I still got to do a lot of fun stuff with my little ladies. Highlights include a pirate-themed birthday party, the […]

What a cutie…