Tiny terrarium inside a lightbulb

Just saw a how-to on this here and thought it was really cool. Although I doubt I will actually try it myself, its too similar to build a ship in a bottle and I would probably break it. I don;t think I would shell out $46 to buy it off their Etsy store either – […]

All Hail, Mighty Caffeine

Paper Heart is a sweet, playful mockumentary

Rented “Paper Heart” last night. It’s a cute movie starring Charlyne Yi (who previously I had only seen as the super-stoned girlfriend in Knocked up (see pic). But apparently Yi is a bit of a stand-up comedian slash musician and has been taken under the wing of comedy powerhouse Judd Apatow who encouraged Yi to […]

My baby owes me a trip to the Bahamas

Seriously, she really does. If it wasn’t for that little bundle of joy, my wife and I would be relaxing at the world-famous Atlantis resort right now! My work offered me free nights there but we had to turn it down because of the newest anchor in our life. Oh well, I will just have […]

Charlie Sheen NOT arrested for once

Charlie Sheen: “It was nice to have police come to my house and for once I didn’t have to leave with them,” after someone stole his car and it plunged off a cliff. For as much shitty stuff this guy has done, at least he can laugh at himself. Read more here

Demotivational Posters

I found these on a site called verydemotivational.com

Avatar (a.k.a Pochantas of Pandora)

Avatar is an extremely ambitious film and director James Cameron succeeds in creating a completely immersive and visually stunning world. The landscapes and wildlife of Pandora are incredible to look at and are creative in their concept – particularity the concept of the queue where the Na’vi can physically bond with animals and plants with […]

Reading Backlog and My Fascination With Hermann Hesse

I always seem to find my next book to read right around when I am halfway through a good book. Sometimes it helps me read the current book faster and other times it derails me all together and I forget about my current book and move right on to the new one. I can not […]

Sweet Pickles

Have you heard of these delightful children’s books? If you have, then you are probably old enough to have watched Captain Kangaroo too. They would read one of these stories on the show and I have such fond memories of reading all the books as a kid that I just had to get a set […]

40 Nights in the Theater

I am a cinephile and last year I made a habit of waiting until my wife and daughter went to bed and then I would sneak off to a late show with my trusty Indiana Jones popcorn bucket ($0.50 refills for 2 years – that thing was awesome!) Anyways, the other day I found a […]