UPDATE: Big week – I saw Brothers, Bad Lt. and An Education!

Here are the movies I missed in the theater before 2009 was over, but am determined to see asap:

The last two standing:

  • A Single Man
  • Julie & Julia
  • Brothers Really good remake of a really good film. Has some unique elements to it, such as developing characters in conflict where you pull for all of them instead of picking sides. I will try to write a review post about it.

    An Education Not to bash on the Sandra Bullock Oscar more, but Carey Mulligan gave a much better performance. And I wish Peter Sarsgaard did more films, he is one of my favorite actors out there.

    Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans How did I not know this was a Werner Herzog film! Very entertaining.

    Precious Saw it, great film!

    Saw it (in the theater), review here

    Paper Heart
    Saw it, review here

    It was ok, had its moments, but I have seen enough awkward teen movies to last a lifetime, and am getting too old to relate

    The Blind Side
    Sweet, true story. review here

    Crazy Heart
    Saw it (in the theater), love Jeff Bridges!

    Boondock Saints 2
    Could not live up to the first one, but had its moments

    Gentlemen Broncos
    Hilarious, obvious Napoleon Dynamite influence

    Antichrist Saw it, whoa!

    The Road Saw it on hotel pay-per-view, very good, very depressing. I found it funny how the same world can be created in this and Book of Eli but treated so differently in the story.

    So, I’m getting there! I will update as I go.

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