Back to running…again

You may remember way back in October I was tricked into running a 5k and hurt my knee in “training” for it. Well, that knee injury lingered for a long time and right about when it was better, I started playing basketball once a week so did not resume running. I started feeling healthier than I had in years. Unfortunately our basketball season ended when Jason’s girlish calf muscle tore. I have been without exercise ever since, and now both my weight and blood glucose have gone up dramatically!

So today, I laced my fancy running shoes back up and ran 1 mile and walked another 1/2 mile. I am only telling the world (all 3 of you) this so I have extra motivation to do it again – daily or at least weekly. Of course later tonight I ate two pieces of delicious apple cheesecake, so today is a wash.

oh crap, I just realized I wrote basically this same exact post in November! I can explain – the knee really did start flaring up again – that’s my story and I am sticking to it. And yes, this time I mean it – I am running again. (eventually)

3 Responses to “Back to running…again”

  1. Those pieces of cheesecake most likely outdid any calorie burn you got from running a mile and then some. When I first started losing weight I began closely tracking the amount of calories I ate every day. I was very surprised by how much more I ate compared to what I thought I was eating.

  2. It takes 3 weeks to make a habit… so let’s see where you are in three weeks!
    And yes, I agree with Nick, calories can be really surprising. It takes a lot of exercise to burn off something really high calorie like that! Bummer!

  3. well, aren’t you two Debbie Downers! Just kidding, you are right, the exercise is nothing if I don’t start counting calories – so I signed up with – it looks really cool so far.